Drinking 10 cups of green tea a day was linked to improved blood markers for liver health!

MatchaTherapy Liver Health

Cross-sectional study of the effects of drinking green tea on cardiovascular and liver disease
1995, K Imai, K Nakachi

In the Japanese study by K. In 1995, Imai and K. Nakachi investigated the association between green tea/matcha consumption and various serum markers in a Japanese population, with particular reference to green tea's preventive effects on cardiovascular disease and liver disease.

1,371 men over 40 years of age residing in Yoshimi were surveyed on their lifestyle habits including daily green tea consumption.
Your peripheral blood samples were subjected to multiple biochemical tests. Increased green tea consumption was associated with decreased serum concentrations of total cholesterol (P for trend < 0.001) and triglyceride (P for trend = 0.02) and increased levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol along with decreased levels of low and very low lipoprotein cholesterols ( P for trend = 0.02), resulting in a decreased atherogenic index (P for trend = 0.02).
In addition, increased consumption of green tea, particularly more than 10 cups per day, was associated with decreased serum levels of hepatological markers, aspartate aminotransferase (P for trend = 0.06), alanine transferase (P for trend = 0.07), and Ferritin (P for trend = 0.02).

The inverse association between green tea consumption and various serum markers shows that green tea may be protective against cardiovascular disease and liver disease .

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