Matcha could prevent hair loss!

Matcha against hair loss

Can prevent hair loss

Hair loss affects many men and women around the world and has various causes, such as stress, diet, autoimmune diseases and hormonal changes.

Hormonal hair loss, known as androgenetic alopecia, affects millions of men and women. In fact, 50% of men and 25% of women over the age of 50 suffer from some degree of hormone-related hair loss.

During hair loss, the hair's natural growth cycle changes. The cycle includes three phases - androgen (hair growth), catagen (transition phase) and telogen (hair loss).

Two hormones, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, can shorten the hair growth phase and increase hair loss.

Some research has shown that EGCG can inhibit the effects of these hormones on hair and slow hair loss.

In a pilot study, 10 participants with androgenetic alopecia took higher amounts of EGCG for 24 weeks. At the end of the study, 80% of the participants had significant improvements in hair regrowth.

In another study, mice that received a topical treatment of EGCG-rich green tea had significantly less hair loss than mice that received no treatment.

It appears that EGCG decreases testosterone-induced hair loss by prolonging the androgen phase of hair growth and slowing down the telogen phase, which leads to hair loss.

Supports hair growth

Green tea can support healthy hair growth and regrowth.

In one small study, researchers added topical EGCG green tea extract to the scalps of three participants with alopecia.
After 4 days, participants experienced a significant increase in hair growth activity.

EGCG appears to increase hair growth by stimulating hair follicles and preventing damage to skin and hair cells.

Additionally, in a hair loss study in mice, researchers found that 33% of the animals consuming green tea extract experienced hair regrowth after 6 months, while no mice in the control group experienced improvements.

Improved nutrient delivery

The hair is part of a much larger system called the integumentary system, which includes nails, skin, hair, and accessory structures. In fact, your hair grows directly from your skin, which supplies and nourishes it during its growth phase.

In a small study of 15 participants, researchers found that consuming green tea extract (matcha) for 12 weeks increased skin blood flow and oxygenation by 29% compared to the control group.

In another group in the same study, 30 participants drank 4 cups (1 liter) of green tea for 12 weeks. Compared to the control group, the green tea group showed significant improvements in skin hydration.

Hair growth is largely related to the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. In fact, poor blood circulation can lead to hair loss. Therefore, drinking green tea can increase your scalp's supply of these nutrients and improve hair growth.



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