• matcha and diabetes

    matcha and diabetes

    About 10 percent of all people in the world have diabetes! [1] When you have diabetes, life is all about regulating blood sugar to stay healthy. And while many have to turn to medication and insulin injections, there's evidence that drinking matcha could make diabetes management easier. Several studies have pointed to green tea/matcha as a potentially effective way to control diabetes and even...
  • 10 reasons why matcha can be good for the heart!

    10 reasons why matcha can be good for the heart!

    1. Matcha is packed with antioxidants Oxidation is the process by which cholesterol can stick to the walls of arteries and block blood flow. This condition increases blood pressure and increases the risk of complications. Antioxidants prevent bad cholesterol from going through the oxidation process and protect heart arteries from clogging or atherosclerosis, which can be the major cause of heart disease and complications....
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