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Most matcha on the market has a very poor quality taste, a lifeless gray-green color, and is not proven to be beneficial to health due to the high levels of pesticides/heavy metals and low levels of the valuable catechins.

MatchaTherapy™ combines the highest ✓ PREMIUM ORGANIC MATCHA QUALITY, a ✓ UNIQUE TASTE and a ✓ 100% certified natural HIGH CATECHIN CONTENT for optimal health.
For a balanced and healthy day, we recommend drinking MatchaTherapy™ at least twice a day. The time doesn't really matter and depends on you. MatchaTherapy™ is an excellent substitute for morning coffee.
As an energy supplier during work. Before, after or during exercise. Relaxing on the sofa with friends. As an accompaniment to a delicious cake or biscuit. Or even straight into your desserts or muesli.
With Matcha you get what you pay for!

High-quality matcha comes at a price. Good matcha should be organic, smell sensational (nutty, fruity, sweet), have a bright grass-green colour, taste delicious and creamy, and also be healthy and free from pesticides and heavy metals.

Many Matcha on the market are cheap, but cannot fulfill these important properties. They are also not EGCG certified.

If you are looking for really healthy and delicious Matcha, then you have come to the right place!
Yes, MatchaTherapy™ contains at least 28-35mg of high-quality, natural caffeine per gram of matcha (depending on the matcha variety you choose; 30+, 60+, 90+, 130+)
Combined with natural L-Theanine, MatchaTherapy™ is uplifting, energizing without leaving you jitters or a caffeine crash and exhaustion afterwards.
In order to prepare delicious, creamy Matcha, the right equipment is very important!

Matcha that has not been properly blended and frothed will form lumps, preventing the Premium Matcha from developing its unique, fruity and creamy aroma. Well-prepared Matcha is therefore refreshing, creamy and the roasted aromas are clearly perceptible.

In our shop you will find a suitable, certified Matcha mixer and measuring spoon.
You can consume MatchaTherapy™ cold or warm.
Our Matcha is of such high quality that you can easily make the Matcha as a 100% shot.

You are also welcome to prepare a cold matcha latte soft drink.

If you want to drink MatchaTherapy™ warm, please make sure that you do not use boiling water (over 180°C) when pouring the matcha.
This would destroy the valuable ingredients in the tea and make the delicious Matcha bitter!
Yes, MatchaTherapy™ is of the highest organic quality. The Matcha is regularly tested and certified for heavy metals and impurities in an independent, accredited laboratory in Japan and Germany.
That depends entirely on you.
If you want to do the best for your body and your health, then of course it is advisable to consume MatchaTherapy™ 130+ regularly, as it provides by far the highest catechin values ​​per serving and offers a sensational taste.

But if you prefer not to spend so much at first and try out MatchaTherapy™, you can also use our "Beginner"; Start MatchaTherapy™ 30+.
Just keep in mind that MatchaTherapy™ 130+ is not only more potent but tastes very different due to the different harvest, and origin.
We recommend that you try this one too!
Each MatchaTherapy™ jar contains 60g of Matcha.
This content is packed in 2 separately packed 30g fresh storage bags. The bags are in the box.

A normal serving of Matcha (1 MatchaTherapy™ scoop) contains 1g of Matcha. So you can drink 60 servings of Matcha with one MatchaTherapy™ can.
If you drink matcha twice a day, you should get by with one can for 1 month.
There is no official limit to the maximum amount of Matcha you can drink per day.
Since matcha is 100% natural and contains no artificial, added EGCG, overdosing on EGCG is not really possible and has not been documented in any studies to date.

Enjoy as much Matcha a day as you want.
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