MatchaTherapy™ Scooper

A must for preparing the perfect matcha for optimal dosing of EGCG and the right amount for excellent creaminess!
€9,90 inkl. MwSt.

"To prepare delicious creamy matcha, the correct dosage is very important!"
Matcha that is not properly dosed will either be too intense or too watery. The unique, fruity-creamy aroma of the premium matcha cannot develop properly as a result. Well-prepared Matcha is therefore refreshing, creamy and the roasted aromas are clearly perceptible.

"Catechins | Dose EGCG correctly!"
Each serving (1g) of MatchaTherapy™ Matcha has a certified amount of health-promoting catechins.
With the MatchaTherapy™ Scooper, you are guaranteed to dose each of your tea portions with 1g of Matcha . For more intense and potent tea drinks, you are of course welcome to increase the number of measuring spoons per tea drink if you wish.

"High quality material"
The MatchaTherapy™ Scooper is made of 100% stainless steel , making it dishwasher safe and durable.

1 scoop = 1 gram (1g)

Mix up your MatchaTherapy™ 2x daily
cold or warm
Matcha Preparation Step 1
Pour 20ml of water into a glass or cup.
Matcha preparation step 2
Add 1g Matcha (1tsp) with the MatchaTherapy™ Scooper.
Matcha Preparation Step 3
Mix your Matcha for 20 seconds with the MatchaTherapy™ Mixer.
Matcha Preparation Step 5
While mixing, slowly add water until the glass is full.
Matcha Preparation Step 5
Enjoy MatchaTherapy™ and feel the benefits.
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MatchaTherapy™ Scooper
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