MatchaTherapy™ Mixer

A must for the perfect preparation of Matcha with sensational creaminess and for the optimal development of the unique roasted aromas in the tea!
€19,90 inkl. MwSt.

"To prepare delicious creamy Matcha, the right equipment is very important!"
Matcha that has not been properly blended and frothed will form lumps, preventing the Premium Matcha from developing its unique, fruity and creamy aroma. Well-prepared Matcha is therefore refreshing, creamy and the roasted aromas are clearly perceptible.

"With the certified MatchaTherapy™ Mixer, you'll have your perfect matcha in no time!"
The MatchaTherapy™ Mixer is also ideal for frothing milk, for preparing cafe lattes, cappuccinos and other drinks.

"Unlimited Performance!"
The battery-operated mixer achieves a whopping 19,000 revolutions per minute and is also very suitable for mixing eggs (for example for an egg dish) or whipping up mayonnaise.

"High quality accessories!"
You get a stylish stainless steel stand with the mixer, which not only completes the elegant design of your kitchen, but also makes the daily preparation of Matcha much easier.

Mix up your MatchaTherapy™ 2x daily
cold or warm
Matcha Preparation Step 1
Pour 20ml of water into a glass or cup.
Matcha preparation step 2
Add 1g Matcha (1tsp) with the MatchaTherapy™ Scooper.
Matcha Preparation Step 3
Mix your Matcha for 20 seconds with the MatchaTherapy™ Mixer.
Matcha Preparation Step 5
While mixing, slowly add water until the glass is full.
Matcha Preparation Step 5
Enjoy MatchaTherapy™ and feel the benefits.
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MatchaTherapy™ Mixer
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